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Teacher Websites

**Notice -- We are currently experiencing issues with the host where some of our teacher's pages are housed. Because of this issue, some teachers are transitioning to new hosting. The teacher pages that were affected by this issue have been removed and the district is working with staff to create new pages.

Please stay tuned for these updated information and pages and visit our staff directory to keep in direct contact with your child's teacher if you have a question about a class assignment or your student.**


A number of BKW teachers individually maintain their own class websites to communicate class news, announce homework assignments, list upcoming lessons, and more. Below is a listing of links to teacher webpages. More links will be added as more teacher websites are created.


Elementary School

6th Grade Team

Mr. Dergosits' Class - Follow Mr. Dergosits' class on Twitter: @mrdergosits

Mrs. Miccuci's 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Van Patten's 2nd Grade Class

Mrs. Skiff's Art Classes

Mr. Holoday's Physical Education Program


Secondary School

Mrs. Diamond's Social Studies Classes

Mr. Goebel's English Classes

Ms. McGovern's Science Classes

Ms. Cummings' Math Classes

Miss Rogers' Math Classes

Mrs. Keyser's English Classes

Mr. Decker’s Science classes

Mrs. Skiff's Art Classes

Mr. McCoy's Chemistry Classes