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BKW students awarded for innovative thinking

Student named finalist in Invention Convention, 4 others semifinalists

The Invention Convention finalists

From left to right: Semi-finalist Taylor Meecham with her "Quick Brush" invention, Finalist Kyla Creamer with teacher Mr. Greene, and semi-finalist Luke Valachovic with his invention "Texting Diaper 3000."


The creators of 100 inventions by elementary and middle school students were recognized as part of Invention Convention 2014 at a reception and awards ceremony at miSci (museum of innovation and science, formerly Schenectady Museum) on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. The event is a long time partnership between the museum and GE to engage young people in the innovation process and encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Out of around 1500 submissions, the creators of the top 25 inventions were honored as finalists, as chosen by a volunteer team of scientists, patent lawyers and other professionals from GE and other local companies.

One of the 25 finalists was Kyla Creamer, a sixth grade student at BKW elementary school, who was chosen for her invention "Night Glow" which are glasses designed to glow in the dark. Creamer designed a model of her invention by molding clay around wire frames and painting them with glow in the dark paint. "They absorb the light during the day," explained Creamer. "Then they glow at night so if you lose your glasses you can find them easily."

Taylor Meecham, one of the semi-finalists who is also a sixth-grade student at BKW, designed her invention "Quick Brush" as a pill-sized dissolving toothbrush that cleans your entire mouth. "It has bristles on each side," explained Meecham. "The brush is activated by the enzymes in your silva and dissolves in your mouth to clean it so you can brush your teeth while doing other things at the same time."

Another semi-finalist, Luke Valachovic, had technology on his mind when inventing the "Texting Diaper 3000" -- a diaper that when wet, will send a text message to a phone saying the diaper needs to be changed. "Basically if the baby is sleeping and you don't know if it needs to be changed, it will text the parent when the diaper needs to be changed," said Valachovic. "I used a regular diaper and took a chip from a video game and some wire to make my model."

Five sixth grade students in total from BKW were chosen as part of the 100 semi-finalists; Logan Boulette, Kyla Creamer, Callie Hempstead, Taylor Meecham and Luke Valachovic.

Invention Convention is an annual student invention competition open to Capital District students from grades K through eight from public, private and home schools from as far south as New York City and as far north as Glens Falls. Students were invited to submit a proposal of an original idea for a device or a method for solving a problem that can occur in the environment, in technology or industry, in the classroom, home or during leisure time activities. A volunteer team of GE scientists and patent lawyers, along with other professionals from the community evaluated the submissions and chose the top 100 entries, based on a list of ten criteria. These students were invited to make models of their inventions, which were on display at miSci in late May. The volunteer team subsequently selected the top 25 finalists and their names were announced at the Regional Awards ceremony.