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Box Tops for Education brings in large return

June and October's contests raised $2,702!

The Elementary Student Council held a General Mills box top contest in October. We collected 14,445 box tops; combined with the June box top submission we have earned $2,702.

The following classes won at their grade level:

Mrs. Momberger’s PM Pre-K, Mrs. Petti (K), Mrs. Tambasco (1st), Mrs. Reamer (2nd), Mrs.Cranker (3rd), Mr. Dergosits (4th), Mr. Tidd (5th) and Miss Thorman (6th).

These classes have all won a shopping trip to the Mountain View Stationery Store. Four classes collected over 1,000 box tops to earn a special prize; they are Mrs. Petti, Mrs. Harvey (1st), Mrs. Tambasco, and Mrs. Cranker. Thank you to all who donated box tops to our contest; the next one will be in February.

Please continue to collect box tops and ask friends and family to save them also. Visit their website at for a list of participating products, coupons, recipes, contests and collection forms.

Labels for Education

Student council also collects Labels for Education found on many Campbell products. These may be sent in to classroom teachers or Mrs. Demuth anytime during the school year. Visit their website at for a list of participating products and information about the program. These labels can be submitted for points that can be used to purchase instructional items, games and sporting equipment.

Hannaford Helps Schools Program

The Elementary school is participating in the Hannaford Helps Schools program that runs through December 1st. Each time you purchase 4 participating products you will receive a certificate for three Hannaford dollars. We are registered at the Guilderland Hannaford and the certificates can be placed in the BKW slot in the collection tower at the front of the store. If you receive certificates at another Hannaford please send them in to Mrs. DeMuth by December 1st so they can be turned in to the Guilderland store otherwise they expire.