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Second grade students create Poetry Cafe

Students in second grade read their poems for family and friends

In celebration of National Poetry Month, the second grade students spent April participating in a month long unit on poetry. The students learned the various literary elements of poetry and even published their own books.

"Reading and writing poetry is a great way for our students to practice fluency and expression," said Pahl. "They get to be creative and see that poetry can be both fun and informative."

On Friday, April 25, both Miss Pahl and Mrs. Miccuci held their Poetry Cafe - an afternoon where families, faculty and administration gathered to hear what the students had created. The students held an introduction to poetry and explained all of the elements of poetry that they learned, transforming from students into teachers. Each student then performed one of the poems published in their books. The cafe setup allowed the students to also serve their visiting families refreshments.

Both Pahl and Miccuci expressed gratitude for the support of the families and faculty that came out to see the students perform their work.