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PTA promotes health and wellness in Elementary School

BKW Elementary PTA Health & Wellness Days are May 1-3, and the PTA has organized a fun few days to be extra mindful of all aspects of health and wellness.

Mindful Monday

We’ll kick off the week being mindful of all things healthy. Food, exercise, sleep and screen time habits and mental and social wellness will all be touched upon through different activities. We will attempt to have quieter lunches with soft music throughout the 3 days as well as music at recess. During lunch the kids will have the opportunity to contribute to our healthy choices collage. Mr. Holoday will be back in the elementary to do yoga in gym classes during the 3 days too, something the kids have loved in the past.

Try-it Tuesday

On this day, volunteers will be attending all lunches and passing out fruits or vegetables that the kids might not eat on a daily basis. All foods have been approved by the school nurse regarding allergy/diet concerns for each class.

Namaste Wednesday

 Namaste is a respectful greeting. Wednesday we’ll focus on kindness and respect. If students are caught being extra kind or respectful they’ll earn a kindness coupon redeemable at the end of the day for something special.

**As part of BKW Elementary Wellness Days we are challenging the kids to go screen-free as much as they can next week. Click here for a screen-free challenge worksheet. If your child would like to participate, please fill out the chart as honestly as possible for Monday-Wednesday and return it to school by Friday, May 5. Students with the least amount of screen time will win a special picnic lunch and recess the following week.

May 1-7 is National Screen-free Week. says, “studies show that children who watch less TV are more likely to read well and to be physically fit. Turning off screens also allows for more family time. Each week, American children spend more time in front of a screen than they do in school! Screen-Free Week is a great way to jump-start our kids into more reading, learning, and active play. It’s also a lot of fun!”

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email