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From the principal: We work together to improve school culture

Dear BKW Family,

Last month I wrote to you about school climate. This month the focus is on school culture.

In order for a school to be effective, not only does the climate have to be addressed but so too does the culture. Both school climate and school culture walk hand in hand.

Dr. Amy Melton-Shutt, an educator from Kentucky, believes that every school has a culture and every school culture can be improved. In fact, if the people in a school do not improve then nothing will. It is therefore crucial that every one of us aim to improve ourselves with the ultimate goal of improving our students in both the academics and behaviors.

Dr. Christopher Wagner, a co-director of the Center for Improving School Culture, also agrees that in order for a school to improve it has to have an atmosphere where everyone is valued, safe and shares a common goal of improving one’s self. There can be no school improvement if stakeholders do not improve.

This refers to everyone in the BKW Secondary School family. No one is more important than the other. Staff, students, and parents must work together with the goal of improving ourselves and the school.

The family is one type of school culture. In this culture everyone works as a team and has a genuine concern for each other. Respect for students, parents and staff members, and for their culture are important to everyone in the family. This is the culture I envision for BKW Secondary School. This is why you will frequently hear me refer to the BKW Secondary School family. 

However, like in any family everyone has an equally valued role to play in ensuring that we all share this same values and expectations of respect for each other. This family culture should not only be displayed in the classrooms, but it should be so ingrained that they become the norm even outside the walls of BKW Secondary.

I am inviting all parents and community members to join in my vision of improving BKW Secondary School by improving ourselves, respecting each other and working together as a family to improve the culture of the building and the achievements of our students.

Please contact the secondary school office at 872-1482 if you are interested in becoming a part of our Shared Decision Making team to assist in charting the course in the improvement of our school culture and climate.


Dr. Mark A. Pitterson
Secondary School Principal