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Library construction and summer maintenance at BKW

In addition to routine maintenance that is taking place in our school buildings this summer, some additional—and unanticipated—construction is being done in the secondary school’s library due to flooding.

In late June, a number of heavy rainstorms caused excessive water to back up in the roof drains of the secondary school. These drains run underneath the floor of the library, which swelled by about a foot because a large amount of water fell in a short time and had trouble escaping through the narrow drain. In addition to the buckling of the library's wood floor, standing water was also present, but did not harm any of the school's books.

“This problem occurred because all of the roof’s water was attempting to flow out of a small pipe under the library,” said Lonnie Palmer, the district’s interim superintendent. “We will be adding a larger diameter pipe during the repairs and are seeking coverage of the cost for all repairs from insurance.”

The costs, he said, should not exceed $120,000, and include an asbestos abatement. When the area of the library was made into a working school building in the 1960s, a moisture barrier that contained aesbestos was installed between the concrete base and wood floor. Since the floor was sealed, students have never had exposure to the asbestos. As the construction on the library floor has now exposed the asbestos, an abatement needs to take place and will extend the timeline of the repair.

Completion of construction on the library is expected before school begins in September.

Please direct any questions to the superintendent’s office at 872-1293.