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Voters to decide on bus proposition

District reduces overall fleet & updates buses to save on maintenance costs

On May 20, a bus proposition will be placed before voters to update the district’s bus fleet. If residents approve the bus proposition, the district would purchase four new school buses and sell four of the buses in its current fleet.

The new buses would consist of four mid-sized, van-style buses and cost a total of $230,500. To make the purchase, the district would use $92,200 from its Transportation Reserve Fund and finance the remaining cost of $138,300 with a five-year bond. The entire purchase is eligible for New York State Transportation Aid reimbursement.

“This purchase will have no net impact on the district’s budget,” said Mark Kellett school business official. “The transportation aid the district would receive is more than the bond payments the district would make in the next five years.”

This update to the in-service bus fleet comes after the reduction of many buses to the district’s overall fleet over the course of last three years due to the consolidation of bus runs. By updating and reducing the overall size of the bus fleet, the district will save money in bus maintenance and repair costs.