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Superintendent presents budget options for BOE, community

District seeks feedback on BKW's program and budget

Watch the full presentation from Interim Superintendent Lonnie Palmer on Feb. 24, 2014.
 View Interim Superintendent Lonnie Palmer's presentation slides [PDF]


Watch commentary by Elementary School Principal Audrey Roettgers and Secondary School Principal Brian Corey.

On Monday, Feb. 24, 2014, Interim Superintendent Lonnie Palmer presented his budget recommendations to the Board of Education and community, along with options and recommendations for the 2014-15 district budget. [View the video on the right for Palmer's entire presentation.]

Current Savings and Potential Revenues

Palmer said with the projected state aid BKW is set to receive next year and the reductions that have been made this year, the district has around $600,000 in available funds.

Palmer then detailed further reductions the Board could implement creating a total of $450,000 to $600,000 in additional available funds.

[Please see PDF of Palmer's presentation for details on cuts and potential reductions.]

If the district were to also increase school taxes in the amount of BKW's tax levy limit, 3.1% for 2014-15, the district could raise about $310,000 in futher revenues.

Choices and Options

Palmer said on one extreme side, all potential savings and new tax revenues could leave the district with upwards of $1.57 million to put back into the BKW program. The other extreme would be to implement all potential reductions, roll over the budget and reduce taxes by 10.3%-12.6%.

The Board could also take a balanced approach somewhere in the middle of these extremes. The Board would like to hear feedback from the community on what kind of approach should be taken with the options for the 2014-15 budget. [See survey below to offer feedback.]

BKW's Educational Program

At the end of the presentation, Palmer detailed reasons why he recommends focusing the budget on improving BKW's educational program, stating the district's test scores are comparatively low to other rural districts of BKW's size, that enrichment programs and electives should be stronger and that supports for struggling students were cut in previous years.

Elementary School Principal Audrey Roettgers and Secondary School Principal Brian Corey also offered their comments on what areas in each school could use additional support. [See videos on the right for their comments.]


Give the Board of Education your feedback!

Please complete this survey by March 5, 2014, as the results will be reviewed that evening by the district's Budget Advisory Committee. The survey will officially remain open until March 10, 2014 - the date of the next regular Board of Education meeting. Thank you.

Click here to take the survey if it does not show up below.