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BKW to test their new automated messaging system


You will be receiving an automated phone call this Friday, Feb. 8 from the BKW school district. Please answer this phone call, as it is part of a new school messenger system called One Call Now that BKW will be using to communicate important information, such as early releases, student attendance and emergency notifications.

It is very important that the district test its ability to reach you so we can make sure that we have the most appropriate phone number to contact you regarding important matters that influence your student. Please note that the system is able to recognize if it has connected to a live person and we request you answer the phone call so the system can register a connection to a live person.

As you are aware, there has been some discussion regarding a potential storm on Friday, Feb. 8. We will be following through with the test of the One Call Now system despite the potential storm. In the event of an early release we will be using this new system to contact you.

About the system:

The automated messaging system is called One Call Now, and it enables BKW to instantaneously place messages to a large quantity of individuals in a short period of time. It will send an automated voice message for school closings, early releases, student attendance and emergency notifications.

This system will be implemented throughout the entire school district. In the elementary building, One Call Now will replace the manual phone tree that was previously used. This will ensure expedited notification to parents/guardians. In the secondary school, this will be used to assist in better communication with parents/guardians.

About the test:

The phone number we will be testing is one that you previously provided the district. The district will receive a report on the households that were not reached by a live person and we will then contact the identified households to confirm updated contact information. If you do pick up the automated message, but would like to change the phone number on file to a different number, please contact the main office of the school your student attends.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.