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BKW welcomes Len Kies, the new Dean of Students

There's another new face gracing the halls of the Berne-Knox-Westerlo schools – Len Kies, the recently appointed Dean of Students.

"Being new at BKW, I immediately noticed and love the tight knit nature of this district and the communities that comprise it," said Kies. "I'm looking forward to working with our students and want to positively impact their lives."

As the Dean of Students, Kies has a major role in creating a positive school climate for both the students and the faculty in grades 6-12. He will be responsible (in conjunction with the school principal) for the development, coordination, and implementation of discipline programs in order to ensure the safety of all students and employees. He will also have a hand in teacher evaluation, curriculum development, and budget preparation and implementation. The role of Dean of Students is approximately a 10-month per year position.

The overall goal of his role is to build positive relationships with students while maintaining high expectations and building a positive climate through the use of fair, firm and consistent student discipline.

Kies has been an educator for 17 years, first as an elementary and middle school classroom teacher for 7 years followed by a decade of administrative responsibilities.

"I was the inaugural assistant principal at Rocky Point Middle School for 2 years," said Kies. "But I have a passion for sports too which led me to be the Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics for the last 8 years."

“I am confident that Len will be a successful Dean for our students with his strong background in both administration and the classroom,” said Superintendent Dr. Dorward. “His experience as a physical education director will no doubt aid him in helping our students work as a positive, collaborative team while focusing them on individual success. After all, a classroom is the sum of its students and working together is imperative."

In fact, one of Kies' main philosophies as an administrator is to collaborate with teachers in continuing to provide the safest and most conducive learning environment as possible for the students in the district.

"I'm a team-minded person," said Kies. "After four years as an intercollegiate athlete and several years as a college baseball coach, I've been a part of so many great teams and see what great things they can do. I've been lucky enough to visit over 250 colleges and universities across the country as part of my participation in educational athletics and because of this, know exactly what our students will face after leaving BKW. I can only hope to help the faculty here prepare them as best as possible for their future."

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