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Introducing the Eighth Grade Guest Reading Program

Hot off the heels of the PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) program, the elementary school students at BKW will continue to have older reading partners to engage and foster the love of reading and storytelling. These partners are none other than their older BKW counterparts; eighth grade students!

Eighth grade student Stephanie Mason reads her favorite childhood story to the Pre-K class

Eighth grade student Stephanie Mason reads her favorite childhood story to the Pre-K class.

A seventh grade English teacher for the last 13 years, Mrs. Keyser found herself with eighth grade students this year and wanted to find a way to deepen her seventh grade storytelling unit.

"I began to think that maybe this year as eighth graders, they could bring their reading and story telling skills into the real world," said Mrs. Keyser. "What a great way to do that, but to share their favorite picture book with an elementary class next door."

Mrs. Landry presented the program to the eighth grade class and coordinated the student volunteers with elementary school classrooms. Volunteering to read means that the eighth grade student must first choose a picture book that means something to them and present it to Mrs. Keyser. The two then work together to discuss telling the story in the book, including ways to add props or how to pause in certain places to add anticipation.

"While in the audition, I also discuss with them the possible ways in which an elementary student might act and how to react maturely and in a positive way," said Mrs. Keyser. "We want these elementary students to see older kids reading and loving it, so that they too, might pick up a book or do the same some day."